Laser Marking Machine

1. Co2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser marking machine is the new generation laser marking system. It is applied for non-metal material. The machine adopts the industrial standardization module design. RF series adopt full set of imported metal sealed radiation frequency CO2 laser, with high speed scanning vibrating lens and extending focusing system, high stability, anti-intervention industrial computer system. The machine can work on a continuous 24 working hours in high stability, high precision, and high speed. The marking software is based on WINDOWS operational software, it is easy to operate and has won good feedback from our customers.

2. UV Laser Marking Machine

Our UV laser is cold laser source. UV laser with short wavelength, focus, smaller spot, belongs to cold process with a little heat affecting, good beam quality, it can achieve hyperfine marking. Most materials can absorb ultraviolet laser, it is widely applied on industrials; with very little heat affecting area, it won't have heat effect, there is no burning problem, pollution-free, non-toxic, high marking speed, high efficiency, the machine performance is stable, low power consumption.

 3. Green Laser Marking Machine

Green laser marking machine adopts 532nm wavelength output to reduce heat affect on the workpiece; High precision and fineness spot endure the perfect marking effect.


4. Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Fiber laser marking machine is applied for metal materials marking/engraving, it also applied for 80% plastics. It has small size, good beam quality, maintenance-free, long service life, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, etc.

5. Automatic Laser Marking Machine

According to customer requirement, We are advanced on the automatic laser marking machine designing and offer customer one step solution for material loading to marking.

6. Marking Machine Accessories

Rotary, 2D table, fixture, handheld gun are available to offered with machine together.

Laser Welding Machine

1. Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Working with X, Y, Z, A axis, it will realize laser welding automatically, Automatic welding machine with even laser spots, high speed to meet mass production capacity.

2. Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

Jewelry laser welding machine is special designed for different kinds of jewelry and repair sand hole. The point of weld can be zoom in 25 times by microscope. Small welding spot and save polishing time

3. Mould Laser Welding Machine

The mould laser welding machine use high-energy pulsed laser for welding, it makes the welding more clean than the traditional welding, and enquipment with high load-bearing work platform,handle operation, and can widely use in mould industry.

4. Mechanical Arm Laser Welding Machine

Mechanical arm Can work with Laser welding machine to realize Automation. Easy to operate and Flexible for big product welding. Applied industry: Auto parts, motor industries, cookware, Home appliance etc.

5. Galvo Scanner Laser Welding Machine

This machine integrates the laser, laser power supply, internal circulation cooling system, mainly applied for welding on the thin wall material, precision parts, which can realize spot welding, Applied industry: IT, electronics components, hardware industries etc


6. Letter Laser Welding Machine

Advertising letter laser welding machine is applied for welding on kinds of metal channel letters. Metal material such as stainless steel, titanum, Ni, Sn, Zn, Cu, Gold Sliver etc.

7. Fiber Laser Welding Machine

There are 2 types of fiber laser welding machine , one type is YAG laser power supply with fiber transmission, one type is fiber laser source welding. Laser welding machine with fiber transmission, With more even laser spot, and higher efficiency on production.

8. Welding Accessories

YAG laser welding machine, with 2 kinds of consume parts: Lamp and protective lens. Fiber transmission laser welding machine can connect with handheld gun for flexible on the irregular working piece.

Laser Cutting Machine

1. Pipes Laser Cutting Machine

Pipes laser cutting machine is applied for cutting pipes only, Pipe diameter from 20mm to 160mm. Tube and rectangular tube can finish full automatic feeding without human operation. Deformed tubes can achieve artificial semi-automatic feeding. The fast corner response improves cutting efficiency greatly. The workpieces can be unloaded automatically in different areas after cutting.

2. Sheet Laser Cutting Machine    Details

Laser power start from 300W to 6000W, Metal thickness can cut upto 25mm.
Sing bed TY-3015DD
Exchange table TY-3015DJ
Protective cover + exchange table TY-3015JB , TY-4020JB , TY-6020JB

3. Sheet and Pipes in One Laser Cutting Machine

To meet client’s requirement, The machine can but both sheets and pipes; 3m or 6m are available. Laser power from 700W to 6000W
TY-3015JBG                                                                                   TY-3015DG

4. High Precision Compact Laser Cutting Machine

High-precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine is suitable for a variety of sheet metal, micro-precision metal processing, Aluminum alloy micromachining, sapphire, ceramic and other thin sheet material for laser cutting, drilling and scribing and other processing, used in the IT industry, automotive, LED, precision machinery industry etc.

 Laser Cleaning Machine

The Laser cleaning machine is applied for Metal surface rust removal, Paint cleaning, Oil stain, contaminant cleaning, Coating surface cleaning, Welding/Coating surface pre-treatment.